One of the most worthwhile skills you can learn to make money on-line in Internet marketing is Search Engine Optimization. You can bring your web sales page to the top of the search results, and bring thousands of visitors right to you, for free. Many web entrepreneurs have become rich from carefully executed SEO practices. There are very large companies that pay thousands of dollars every month just for SEO aid.


So, just what is SEO? SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, makes your website seem as valuable as possible to search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and of course, Google. Google and other search engines use very complicated algorithms to help them retrieve the best, most relevant results for their viewers. The best search results will rank higher.


There are several ways in which a search engine determines how to order web results in a given web search. Search engines are always trying to bring the most valuable results to the consumer, and will look for trusted, informative sites.


The first factor that determines how high your site appears in the search results is the keyword. Make sure that the keyword that customers will most likely use to search for your web site is in the site’s URL, the title, meta tags, section titles, in links, and in all parts of your website.


The other factor is how many times other sites link to yours. If your site is being linked to by thousands of other sites, the search engine will find your site to be “popular” and the best site for the keyword, so it will be ranked higher. If your site has valuable information and is the most desired for the keywords used, more people will put a link to your site on their own website.


The quality of your links is a bit more important than the number of links. If a very notable site, such as the New York Times, were to link to your website, your site will also appear to be an authority on the subject and it will rank up higher in the search results. But if your site is linked by spam sites, your website will be considered less valuable for the search engine.


Search engine optimization is very complicated, as nobody really knows how to be ranked the highest in search engines except search engines themselves. There is so much for one to research on the subject, and some techniques are tried and true, while others will come back with limited success. Reaching the top results in a search engine does not happen overnight, and it an even take months, but if you are patient and work at it, you really can make it. Here’s to your first inspiration for using SEO to help you make money on-line!