How to Market Your Business Online to Bring Traffic and Visibility

Small business Internet marketing just isn’t what it used to be. When the Internet first started becoming standard in homes, just a pay per click ad would be your entire on-line marketing strategy. Now, marketing and bringing traffic to your website is much more important, and much more complicated. There are many more options, all of them easily doable. You will be able to bring in high traffic to your business if you just take advantage of all of the ways you can market your business on-line, many of them for free. (more…)

25 Mind-Blowing Marketing Strategies That You Can Do Right Now!

1. Create or update your webpage –If you don’t have a web presence, get one now. If your webpage isn’t effective, then hire a professional who can add powerful content that assures people find your page,

2. Create a marketing plan for the whole year – Don’t use a hit or miss approach to your marketing. Make a consistent week by week plan and follow-through. (more…)