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Getting Started

Here’s a 5-step process to help you as we get started.


1. What I need to get started:

  • Your Logo (PDF, EPS or high res JPEG if possible)

  • Hosting Login if you’re not hosting with us (hosting account and/or Cpanel login)

  • Current Website Login (if you currently have a WordPress site)

  • Images or any new pictures you’d like to use for the new site

  • Brand style guide, colors or any special graphics being used

      Please fill in the following form:

[stb id=”InfoPlain”]

  • Initial Information Form

  • Max. file size: 256 MB.
  • What is the purpose/goal of your website? What would you like it to accomplish for you?

2. Install app on your phone or PC. (It’s free.)

       This free application allows us to communicate face-to-face.  Depending on your broadband network and phone, one may work better than the other.  Your choice, though.

       My “room” is premwebdesign.  So, on a PC, just go to  

       On your phone, just type in premwebdesign into the room box.


3. Dropbox.

Dropbox is a great online image/file sharing platform. This isn’t necessary for every project, but if you have more than 15-20 images for your website or if they’re too big to send through email or post on basecamp, we can use dropbox. We can also use this to share important logins and credentials instead of sending through email. I will set up a folder for the project and will share the folder with you via email. You can upload all images and files there.


4. The Design Process.

Designing a website, no matter how big or small, is an extensive process that can be overwhelming. I’ve outlined my process into 3 steps:

STEP 1 – LAYOUT AND DESIGN A large and time consuming part of website design is in the layout, structure and design of the site. I’ll create the framework of the website and will send the homepage and a sub-page (or more upon request) for approval.

STEP 2 – DEVELOPMENT Once the site layout and design is approved, I’ll move forward with the designing of all pages, functionality and responsive code, making sure your site looks great and functions nicely across all devices and web browsers.

STEP 3 – REVISIONS AND EDITS Once the site is ready for final review, you’ll be able to review each page and we can make detailed edits until the site is revised completely.


5. The Design Process.

Once the site is ready to go live, all unnecessary plugins, pages, images and backend files will be removed. The new site will be backed up and saved locally, should it ever need restored. Once live, please allow 24-48 hours for propagation to occur. Some computers will need to be refreshed in order to see the new site, though most computers will see the new site immediately depending on the wifi connection.

Your website logins and all credentials will be sent to you via basecamp or email insuring the security of your passwords. Though your logins and passwords will be saved locally, PLEASE SAVE ALL LOGINS FOR YOUR RECORDS AS WELL.

Upon completion, you’ll receive a link to my “moving forward” process where you’ll receive tips and tricks on marketing your new website and also information on our Maintenance/Security Plan which I highly recommend for all my clients.


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